Important Updates! 9/4/2017

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! This is Hailey Sawyer here. So as some of you might know, today is Labor Day (I kept thinking it was on Tuesday for some reason) and tomorrow, I start my online college classes. This semester, I’m taking Intro to Computers and Fundamentals of Web Development. Since I already have some experience working with computers and certain aspects of web development, I don’t think these classes are going to be super difficult for me but we’ll have to wait and see.

On that note, I also plan to continue working on episode four of Pokemon: Johto Quest. Originally, episode three was going to be much longer and include Emily’s gym battle with Morty, who is the gym leader of Ecruteak City. But since the episode was already long enough by the time Emily and Eddy left the Dance Theater in Ecruteak City, I decided to end it there and have the next episode begin with Emily and Eddy going to the city’s gym to take on Morty. If you’re curious, here’s what all the work I’ve done on episode four so far. So with that said, I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!


2 thoughts on “Important Updates! 9/4/2017

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