The Great Task

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a problem. Everyone in her village kept telling her she was the chosen one who was destined to do something great. Every time the girl heard phrases like “You’re the chosen one!” or “You’re the only one who can do it!” or “You can accomplish a great task”, she growled, shook violently, and showed a scowl on her face. The villagers hadn’t bothered to explain exactly what they meant and when the girl asked for more information, they just said,

“Go to The Great Elder and they will tell you more.”

For a while, the girl had put off seeing The Great Elder until one day, she finally had enough of the vague phrases and decided to see them. When the girl finally got to The Great Elder’s residence, she knocked on the door and was greeted by a slender woman wearing a wolf costume.

“Um… Hell…o?” said the girl. The woman asked the girl who she was. “You know that ‘Chosen One’ all the villagers keep talking about? That’s me,” the girl said.

“Do you have an appointment?” the woman asked.

“Yes I do. Okay! Could you please take that costume off? It’s really distracting!”

The woman let the girl into the home and she went to find The Great Elder. When she got to the Elder’s room, they weren’t there!

“Hello! Um… Great Elder… I’m the chosen one who’s here to see you!”
the girl yelled. All of a sudden, the girl heard a booming voice say,

“Finally managed to show up? I’m quite surprised.”

The owner of the voice turned around to reveal themselves to the girl. The person was covered in wrinkles from top to bottom, wore an oversized red robe, and had stringy grey hair.

The girl told them that none of the villagers wanted to give any more information on her chosen one status and referred her to The Great Elder.

“Ah yes! I think I have something to help you,” said the Elder. They climbed up a tall bookshelf and grabbed a book that seemed like it was bigger than them. They opened up the book and started reading it.

“It says here that the chosen one is the only one who can accomplish a great task,” the Elder said.

The girl stood there in silence for a bit.

“And?” the girl asked.

“That’s it,” said The Great Elder.

“Are you serious?”

“Yup! That’s all there is.”

The girl stood still until she started to shake and growl. She then screamed loudly and started to destroy everything in the Elder’s house. In one of the rooms, she found some flint and steel and ran outside to ignite it. The home immediately caught fire and the girl ran away laughing loudly as she repeated the phrase “That’s all there is!” over and over again.


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