Hello there! My name is Hailey Sawyer and welcome to my website! I originally posted my stories onto a wiki that I created but I figured that they belonged on a more professional looking site that I would have more control over when it came to design and whatnot.

Upcoming Projects

One: Where Are You Daddy?: This story is about a little girl who gets separated from her family while visiting the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Throughout the story, the girl roams around looking for her family while being followed by various cast members who she perceives to be out to kidnap her (Currently in the research phase).

Two: Sunny Hill Farms: This story is about an eighteen year old who gets a job at Sunny Hill Farms. However, the more time they spend there, the more they start to uncover about the farm. (Skeleton Draft Currently Being Reviewed).

Recently Completed Projects

1. Sunny Hill Farms Plot Outline (Completed April 12, 2017)

Don’t Forget to Check Out Pokemon: Johto Quest!

For those who don’t know, Pokemon: Johto Quest is an ongoing series of mine that follows a five year old girl named Emily Hawthorne who goes on a journey with her Mareep named Eddy to win all eight Johto league badges to gain admittance to the “Nidoran Region” where her father is said to be living. If you’re interested in checking it out, click here for a list of all the episodes!

This series now has a TV Tropes page!