Hello there! My name is Hailey Sawyer and welcome to my website! I originally posted my stories onto a wiki that I created but I figured that they belonged on a more professional looking site that I would have more control over when it came to design and whatnot.

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: Kenji and Yuki: A Japanese Tale: This story focuses on a sixteen year old girl named Yuki who has run away from home. May possibly become a novel. (Completed writing of the second chapter and am currently working on the third chapter).

Two: Sunny Hill Farms: This story is about an eighteen year old named James who gets a job at Sunny Hill Farms. However, the more time they spend there, the more they start to uncover about the farm. (Second Act Started) (On Hold).

Three: Pokemon Johto Quest Episode Four: Emily and her Mareep Eddy face off against the Ecruteak City Gym Leader Morty in their first ever gym battle. Will they succeed? (First Act Nearly Complete) (On Hold).

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Johto Quest Logo 6For those who don’t know, Pokemon: Johto Quest is an ongoing series of mine that follows a five year old girl named Emily Hawthorne who goes on a journey with her Mareep named Eddy to win all eight Johto league badges to gain admittance to the “Nidoran Region” where her father is said to be living.

If you’re interested in this series, here’s a list of the episodes!

Johto Quest now has a TV Tropes page and a Discord Server!